• Twin Peaks
    Off of my debut E.P - ‘The Front of House E.P’

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  • The Conscious Disease
    Off my debut E.P ‘The Front of House E.P’

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  • Another great gig at sounds in the suburbs supporting @rodpicott thanks again :) #music

  • I was walking down the street next to my school and I happened to notice this on the ground, dirty and muddy. It was a yellow post-it note with the words “I don’t like myself” written. What I found most saddening was the the writing was what looked like that of a child.
    If this was indeed a child I hope they are happy now. I hope that whatever was bothering them has gone or will go soon. But it’s the ‘what if’s’ that scare me.

    People of Tumblr,

    I’m not trying to get notes for my own benefit. If this gets any notes at all it will raise awareness and that is what I want. But what I want most is for you to do this.

    If you have a young brother or sister, son or daughter, friend, classmate, acquaintance, anyone. Talk to them. Ask them how they feel. Tell them they are loved. Be there for them.
    No one is too young or old to feel sad.

    Sometimes all it takes it someone to listen and tell you it will be ok. If you notice sadness, try your god damn hardest to create happiness. Please

    Thank you x

  • erinredpath:

    This is my friend Erin. She is a super talented artist and it would make me happy if ypu went and followed her blog. Do it for me Tumblr! Xx